Experimental processing, high-quality, exotic profiles there are a lot of positive things related to single farm coffee. In the back of the top-notch reputations, some question still remains, what does a single farm really mean? Why is this coffee often more expensive? and what’s so special about a single farm? Let us share what we know about single farm coffee!

Imagine a product that doesn’t yield big, only a small handmade product with attention to detail in a close environment. In your head that product will cost a huge sum of money right?

Well a single farm is a coffee sourced from a specific smallholder. And it’s usually a high-quality and consequently more expensive coffee with a distinctive flavor profile. When we buy a coffee from a single farm, it usually means that the beans are harvested and processed one at a time, keeping their individual qualities attached. This attention to detail guarantees that the coffee’s unique flavors, aromas, and nuances are maintained during the production process. By focusing on small farm coffee, farmers and coffee roasters aim  to highlight the characteristics of a specific farm to expose the various flavors and profiles in the world of coffee.

This method also promotes transparency and consistency, letting customers understand exactly where their coffee comes from and guiding specific farmers, but the next question is “does coffee from a single farm be high quality?”. As the information from the farm to the customer, tracking and verifying coffee beans origin and production methods is easier. This transparency assures customers about the ethical sourcing and sustainable practices employed through the farm, which may also contribute to the higher price. This method allows coffee enthusiasts to experience the unique flavors and characteristics related to a specific growing region, farm, or even a specific plot within a farm. And not to forget because this coffee came from a single small lot farm, the coffee grew with a very close environment that yields with a higher consistency through the cup.

For our first time getting coffee from single farms we do not have any disappointment nor regret because the coffee is really exceptional although we only get a limited amount. Ethiopia has several coffee-growing regions, with the famous one, Yirgacheffe and each region produces coffee beans with unique flavour profiles due to variations in climate, altitude, and soil.

And this year we get a wonderful chance to get our hands on our first single farmers coffee. Let's zoom in to one of the famous regions that produces undoubtedly some of the world class coffee. Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, and let us tell a simple story about the farmers that bring this coffee to life.

Tigist Kebede is a young farmer from Chito, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. She grew up in a family that became dedicated to coffee manufacturing, and she is now carrying her family legacy along with her brothers and sisters, who are also actively concerned with agricultural activities on Tigist's farm.

Tigist’s use of natural fertiliser generated from animal waste and tree leaves changed into one of the projects that helped elevate the quality of the first class coffee.

Generally, this natural coffee is a clean representation, such a lot of Ethiopia naturals are heading with a clean finish but also keeping the complexity all of us love. If you look for an intense coffee with floral notes, fruity sensation, and black tea you will not regret getting this coffee. You can expect intense acidity which is suitable for daily consumption.

And on the other hand Yosef Yohannis is a 30-year-old coffee producer working on a farm located at 1900-2200 masl in Tulissie, Yirgacheffe. The Yohannis family focused on increasing both the quality and quantity of coffee they supply to the international marketplace. They're working to expand the coffee business by installing a dry coffee machine and a washed coffee processing station. On the other hand, getting a better rate for their coffee is also something they want to achieve to improve their quality of life. This could let them send their children to a better school and assist them continue their education up to college. They trim and replace old trees with new coffee plantations and make organic compost from various animal waste and washed coffee pulp.

This top-rate floral coffee is layered with a sweetness reminiscent of jasmine – which includes peach. It's an excellent natural coffee, with notes of vanilla with white tea. After harvesting, the coffee cherries are placed on raised beds made of bamboo, where they dry for 14 to 20 days.

Soon after we tried both of those coffee there’s only one thing that popped in our heads. A regret, we thought to ourselves why we don’t buy single farmers coffee earlier and we hope you don’t make the same mistake as us.

Written By Tiara

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